About Us

Who we are

Digital infrastructure...everywhere.

Technology is changing the way we live, work and interact with the world around us, this is fuelled by connectivity and the need thereof. We mainly exist online and hardly not on the data grid. Our smartphones and tablets are connected, of course, but soon things like traffic lights, machines, appliances and autonomous cars will all be online.

These connections are all made possible by our unique network of digital infrastructure-towers, small cells and fibre. They all work together to set the stage for new innovation-to bring the world's biggest ideas and possibilities to people and businesses who need them.

New advancements like 5G, edge computing and more are on the horizon-and in some cases, already here. As businesses and communities move into the future, we're a reliable partner they can count on to help them stay connected and take advantage of this digital transformation.

How do we bring about digital infrastructure everywhere...

We work closely with community members, public sector, commercial property owners, residential complexes, residential estates, schools, Hospitals and our customers to design and build solutions that meet their unique connectivity needs-from wireless coverage to smart city solutions to custom fibre optic networks.

Forward planning
Our solutions are built with the future in mind. They play an important role in tomorrow's smarter, better-connected communities, while paving the way for new innovations in the way we live, work and stay safe.

We've been building and operating shared communications infrastructure, and will continue that commitment for decades to come. As demand for connectivity grows, we're building the solutions that deliver long-term value for our customers and communities.

A sustainable model for growth.

As the need for connectivity grows, so will the need for the infrastructure that supports it. We've embraced a shared model that allows multiple customers to collocate on the same infrastructure. This has many benefits for both our customers, and the businesses and communities they serve.

Easier Upgrades
Because the infrastructure is shared, business can expand their networks quicker, and at reduced cost.

Smaller footprint
With colocation, each customer does not need their own stand-alone infrastructure-reducing the overall amount of towers, small cell networks, fibre lines and data lines required to provide necessary connectivity to a community.

More sustainable
Reduced infrastructure leads to more efficient use of resources like water, metal, energy and other materials. It's a more sustainable model for growth that is better for communities and the environment.